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about us

A passion for technology and success in work prompted us to create a team of talented software developers. We are constantly learning and improving, which allows us to be better and more successful.
We are happy to work for startups and for business, and also help them to answer strategic questions about what to build and in what order.
We also know a thing or two about chatbots, websites, and AR development.



Pre-planning your mobile app will provide you with the necessary foundation for success.  The ultimate goal is to create a user-centric and bug-free app from the first release and continue delivering enhanced user experience through further iterations.



The app development process is divided into iterations. We plan each iteration together with our clients and deliver results (implemented features) in the form of demos.



We provide support and maintenance packages after the product release. We handle updates and improvements, and adding new features.



Did you know that Android users show higher brand loyalty than iOS users? An Android app will certainly pay off! We do Android mobile application development from scratch. We use Java and Kotlin to build apps for Google’s world-champion operating system.


The number of people who own Apple iPhones is growing year over year. You certainly want to offer your unique solution to this huge user base! We develop iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages and Apple’s own development tools and guidelines.


Our backend developers build an app on the server side using most popular languages and technologies. This backend app lets your frontend app’s API interface with the database.


We build prototypes, making sure that the app’s look and feel is native to the platform and delivers a positive user experience.

Our works is available on two platforms

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Den Karbyshev

CEO, Mobile Developer (iOS, Android)

Sergey Arkhipov

CTO, Senior Software Engineer

Elena Karbysheva

Front-End Developer

Viktoria Vorontsova

3D Designer

Pavel Uksusov

Android Developer


We conduct free educational events and contribute to the development of the IT community in our country. We run YouTube channel, which allows novice developers to get a large amount of useful information and take the first steps into the fascinating world of information technology and software development.

We also enable novice developers to participate in our mentoring program. As part of it, we provide assistance in solving technical issues, code revision, training tasks and tips for further professional growth.
If you would like to participate in our mentorship program, please contact us for further details.